Bhutan is a small Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, bordering to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. Bhutan considered being the last Paradise on the earth that reflects age-old religion, culture, arts and architecture in its golden peak in the environs of deep green valley and hillside. People are deeply religious-minded following the Vajrayana form of Buddhism. Buddhism has influenced much of Bhutan’s culture and tradition; starting from the way of life, the architecture, the national flag, the national attire, monasteries, prayer flags, etc. The air of spirituality is evident everywhere, even in the urban centers where the spinning of Prayer Wheels, the murmur of mantras and the glow of butter lamp in the houses are still the important feature of everyday life. Monastery, temples and religious monuments are dotted across the landscape, bearing witness to the importance of Buddhism. Apart from Buddhism, the second most practiced religion is Hinduism.

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