Pasang Tenje Sherpa


Mr.Pasang Tenje Sherpa was born in 1971 May in a very remote area of Nepal, Makalu VDC.He has brought all of us Sherpa brothers together, PIONEER of mountain expedition to form PIONEER ADVENTURE.He has  climbed Mount Everest on 1996 from the North Side and Eldest among all of Sherpa brothers.He.....

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Ngaa Tenji Sherpa

Board Director/Company Advisor

Ngaa Tenji Sherpa is a team member of Pioneer Adventure Pvt.Ltd. His expertise in mountaineering and tourism industry is widespread nationally and internationally. He is highly demanded by the clients/members as an expedition guide or Sherpa. He started mountaineering .....

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Lakpa Sherpa

Managing Director

"I come from a very remote place in Nepal, from the base of the Makalu Mountain. My father and mother were simple farmers. There was a very informal learning centre at our village and as a small kid I would attend classes once or twice a week, spending rest of my time helping my parents in the field.....

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Mingma Dorchi Sherpa

Board Director/Expedition Manager

Mingma Dorchi Sherpa was born in 1987 in a remote villageTashigaun Ward No. 5, Makalu VDC Sankhuwasaba District of Nepal. He had a keen desire to participate in the adventure work from the very beginning of his childhood. News about mountaineering and summit on the radio and word of mouth motivat.....

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Nima Sherpa

Assistance Manager


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