Pioneer Adventure is fully committed to conserving natural resources, protecting local cultural heritage and making positive impacts in the communities. We firmly believe in giving back to society and working with local charities to support community development.


Normally we combine most of our touring programs with community works at some of Nepal’s remote places where transportation is still not accessible. Our clients are encouraged to participate in the rural community-based projects to protect and preserve the natural environment by planting the trees along the trekking trails.


At all our destinations, we aim to ensure that the benefits of tourism reach the right places, by employing local tour leaders and where possible use only locally owned lodges along the trails. We employ only local guides not just for their local knowledge but also to generate local employment. We believe that the local community should be economically benefited from our tours and treks. This is why we always encourage our clients to be responsible for the support to local community and the areas where we visit.


Below is a list of ways in which Pioneer Adventure ensures that we act responsibly at all times – financially, environmentally and socially:

We support community projects in the areas we operate the tours and where possible make our clients aware of and encourage them to visit the projects where we have been supporting


We negotiate fair prices and build long term relationships with our local suppliers so that they can sustain their businesses in the longer term.

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