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Govt. Reg: 143047/072/073 Phone: +977-1-4811067 Mobile: +9779818288444 +9779813449810

After Conquering 7 Summit, US Mountaineer Passed Away On Mt. Everest

Date:23 May, 2019 Aurther:Pioneer Adventure
After Conquering 7 Summit, US Mountaineer Passed Away on Mt. Everest

We are very sad to relay the message that one of our team members, Mr. Donald Lynn Cash, aged 54, Citizen of United State of America, holding passport no: 531125253 passed away on 22nd May, 2019 afternoon, after summiting Mt. Everest (8,848 m). Mt. Everest was his last attempt on 7 Summit climbing mission.

He suddenly fainted due to High Altitude Sickness at the summit when he was taking some photographs and our supporting Sherpa Guides (Mr. Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa and Mr. Pasang Tenje Sherpa) helped him to bring to normalcy. Our supporting Sherpa Guides did immediate massage, CPR and raised his Oxygen Pressure to keep him alive. After that, he was able to communicate a bit but he could not stand and walk properly. In that situation, our Sherpa Guides tried to rescue and drag him down towards Camp 4 as quick as they could. While dragging him down close to Hillary Step (approximately 8,770 meters) he again fainted and his accompanying Sherpa Guides tried to wake him up but he breathed his last.

Our Team did their best to save his life. Despite their best efforts in providing the best guidance, sufficient oxygen supplies and medical support they could not save his life. They waited there for more than two hours keeping their own life at risk. They hoped that he might survive and they could bring him down. But he was already dead.