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Govt. Reg: 143047/072/073 Phone: +977-1-4811067 Mobile: +9779851325603

Successful Completion Of Mt. Makalu Expedition, 2019- List Of Summiters.

Date: 15 May, 2019 Author: Pioneer Adventure

Our Makalu Expedition team led by our MD. Mr. Lakpa Sherpa has successfully accomplished their goal of summiting Mt. Makalu today morning at 9:15 AM. It was made possible by our team’s efforts and dedication. We heartily congratulate the efforts of our team and our expedition members.

One of our member Ms. Magdalena Kataezyna Gorzkowska from Poland sumitted the mountain without supplementary oxygen.  Her efforts were commendable and proved that women are no less in achieving greater heights.

Congratulations to all the Summiters…

List of our Mt. Makalu summiters:

Member Name


Climbing Sherpa

Mr. Eichul Chung


Mr. Phurtemba Serpa

Ms. Chiao-Yu Chan


Mr. Lakpa Sherpa (MD)

Ms. Priyanka Mangesh Mohite


Mr. Pemba Sherpa

Ms. Magdalena Kataezyna Gorzkowska


Mr. Dawa Sherpa

There are two more members and Sherpa climbing guides whose names are not confirmed yet. We update it after getting the confirmations.